Where Do Anglers Poop While Fishing On Their Boat?

A poop emergency is something plenty of anglers don’t consider before setting sail. We spend days making all of the preparation for our fishing adventures, but we often don’t think our bodies might have an unexpected behavior that day.

Let’s face it: it is not pleasant at all when you have to go number two and realize you are in the middle of nowhere without any proper tool available. It has happened to all of us at least once, and it is an experience we usually don’t want to repeat.

For that reason, coming up with several poop solutions is an essential preparation step every angler should consider.

6 Places to Poop for Anglers on Boat

I’ve gathered a couple of tips from personal experiences and other angler’s anecdotes, and we’ll share these tips with you.

1. Drop It In a Bucket

This solution is neither pretty nor pleasant, particularly because you will have to deal with it right afterward. Nonetheless, using a bucket to poop was and still is a common practice in many places, which is why you should not feel embarrassed by having to do it.

When your two options are to either use a bucket or return home with your pants dirty, I think we all can agree which one is the best option to pick.

2. Use a Diaper

Diapers have been an amazing poop solution for people of all ages. People even use it at their home regularly, and some don’t suffer from any incapacity. Instead, they prefer to use them, simple as that.

Of course, we’re not judging anyone here. If a diaper is a product that solves your issues, then why not use it, right? We should take advantage of everything we have at our disposal during an emergency without being too picky.

For anglers, diapers could become an unexpected but proper poop solution. Not many anglers consider it, but it just makes sense.

3. Get In the Woods

A great solution to your emergency is nature itself. Now, we particularly don’t enjoy doing our deeds in the woods or a public area, but there’s little we can do when we’re in a rush.

If you decide to go down this route, there are a couple of considerations you must keep in mind. For instance, catching bacteria is easy when you are exposing your body. You might want to relieve yourself as soon as possible, but don’t put your body in a risky situation.

Also, stay away from places animals, or other humans could use, like rivers. As living beings, we tend to get diseases extremely easy, and there is no reason to make other poor creatures sick out of our necessities.

There are different sources of information about pooping in the wilderness. Even if you consider you don’t need it, it never hurts to know these techniques. I particularly enjoy Kathleen Meyer’s

How to Shit in the Woods: An Environmentally Sound Approach to a Lost Art.

4. Get Assistance from Bigger Boats

This recommendation only works if you’re fishing in a rather populated area. If the water surrounding you don’t have high boats or yachts population, chances are you’re not going to need a bathroom anymore when you finally find that bigger boat.

Additionally, if you do know the area pretty well, you will have higher possibilities of getting back to populated land and ask permission to use the bathroom in a house.

In both scenarios, we would have to rely on someone else’s trust to let us use their properties to poop. If it sounds awful is because it is. Hopefully, they can relate to our struggle and understand what we’re going through.

5. Try Port-O-Potties at the Dock

Ah, the promised land for ultimate relief!

There is a question that every human being has to make when nature is calling: do I have to go now or can it wait? Time is of the essence and making the wrong choice could cause chaos.
If you consider it can wait, the best thing to do is to rush back to the dock and find a portable toilet hoping your intestines don’t fail you.

Docks often have portable toilets for people to use. Even better, we could find public restrooms as well. These places commonly have everything we need to do our deed in complete comfort.
Alright, perhaps not in complete comfort, but it is way better than doing it out there in the open.

6. Or Wait Until You’re Back Home

Although it is best to go when we need it, sometimes we don’t have the capacity of doing it in an unfamiliar place. Whether it is because we don’t want to catch something, or simply because we can’t, pooping outside is not possible.

Holding it and wait is not something I’d recommend because it could cause health issues, but we do have to hold it under certain circumstances. It sucks, but it is what it is.

Final Words

When we decide to try our luck as an angler, sooner or later we’re going to encounter the poop dilemma. Don’t let it catch you off guard. Make all the preparations, and you won’t regret it.

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