Biggest Trout Fishing Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Good day folks! In this article, what I’m about to tell you are probably the most common mistakes we all make when walking up the stream for trout fishing. I’ve had the privilege of fishing with a lot of fishermen over the years. Some more experienced than others.

These are the mistakes that I see people, particularly, people with less experience make when trout fishing. Without further ado, let’s get down to them.

Trout Fishing Mistakes That Most Of Us Make

1. Walking Downstream

It’s probably the biggest mistake you can make when you are trout fishing. I don’t see it often but people still do it. Particularly in a small stream, I see people opening up their toolbox, setting up their gears; they got everything checked even down to the fishing lines.

Speaking of fishing lines, why not check out our pick of the best trout fishing lines. Okay, so back to the point.

Geared up, ready to reel in some trout but they go in the wrong direction. People tend to go downstream. That’s a huge mistake. Because the trout sit in the stream, they face into the count waiting for the food to wash down towards them.

Whether it’s a cricket under the surface or a grasshopper on top or a worm tumbling down the bottom of the water, my point is… the food always washes downstream. So, the trout just sit there and they face upstream.

So, if you get in and you walk downstream towards the trout, they are going to see you coming. In bigger rivers, you can get away with it a lot better. Even if you walk towards downstream, you’ll still be pretty far away from where the fish are.

But, in a small stream, you can’t afford to go near that place. How to avoid this mistake?

You should always cast upstream. Try casting ahead of yourself and maintain a safe distance from where the trout are facing.

2. Colorful Clothing

When trout fishing you want to be a bit stealth like and not too bright. It’s like being a ninja fisherman. In a small stream, you want to be able to blend in. Try wearing some green and yellow clothing that can easily match with the surroundings.

If you are too colorful, the trout will see you coming from a mile away. A lot of people don’t realize that trout can actually see them coming from behind.

Remember that trout have peripheral visions. Even though they are facing up, they are always looking back over their shoulder. If you are too colorful or bright and walk towards these trout from the back, they will see you coming.

What I’m saying is that you don’t want to be too camouflaged. Just blend in. If it’s a nice sunny day and there are lots of bushes, you might want to go with a little bit of green.

3. Making Too Much Noise

Some people will tell you that fish don’t hear you talking. But, I personally think, when you talk it sends vibration across the water. I think the fish can sense those vibrations or they can feel the presence of you. I don’t know if it’s scientifically proved or not, but that’s just my opinion.

My point is, be as quiet as possible. How did I come up with this theory? Well, when I’m fishing alone, I always catch more fish because I’m not making any noise.

4. Observing The Water For Too Long

We are coming down to the less obvious ones now. So often, I fish with people and they’ll walk up to the bottom of the hole and they’ll stand there. They’ll look for a rising fish or a feeding fish. In a bigger river, that’s okay. You can get away with it.

But in a small stream, these trout will eventually see you standing there if you stand there for too long. Not only do you not want to stand there for too long but you don’t want to stand in the sun.

If you want to stand for observation, make sure you are doing it in the shade. Because, if you are in the sun, there could be a little bit of metallic steel or silver or something on your reel that will reflect in the sun.

This bright flash can spook these trout. They’ll know that something is there and won’t even come near that place.

5. Don’t Get Too Close To The Hole

If you are walking up a stream, you don’t have to walk straight up to the base if the hole. You can cast from the back. The further back you can cast from the less likely those fish are going to know that you are there.

Again, don’t stand in the same spot for ages. Don’t think you are safe standing in the same spot. Walk up cast and repeat. Don’t cast from the same spot again and again.

6. Too Many Casts

It’s not the biggest mistake you can make but it can reduce your overall catch rate. In a small stream, the water is a lot clearer than in a river. The first two or three casts will tell you whether the trout are hungry or not. If you are in a nice pool and done a couple of casts and nothing comes out, move on. Don’t stand there.

The only time I would keep casting and changing lures is when I see a trout following my lure but not biting. That’s the time I would keep changing my bait and lure to reel that trout in.

The bigger the river, the more cast you’ll want to make. Don’t waste too much time on a fish that are not there or not hungry. If you walk up and cast but don’t see any biting, move on and repeat this process.

This way, you’ll fish a lot more water, you’ll encounter a lot more hungry feeding fish and you will increase your catch rate.

Hope this article will help you reel in a lot of trout. These are biggest trout fishing mistakes that most of us make and you now know how to avoid them.

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  1. Thanks for the info, I live in the mountains in western. north carolina, which has a lot steams and rivers ==I am still trying to catch more trout – I release 90% just enjoy the time in the water


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