10 Must Have Survival Kits to Keep while Out for Fishing

If your enthusiasm brought you this far, then you are probably to go out for a survival trip for the first time in your traveling history.

The very first thing that you need to know about survival trips, is that you need to pack as light as possible. Only items and gears that are necessary will go inside your backpack. Using limited amounts of supplies and gear you need to survive in the wilderness for a few days.

It would be better if you go with some of your travel mates, things will be a lot easier.

Top 9 Survival Items List that You Must Pack

This list includes some of the most basic kits that you will need for your survival days.

  1. Fire Starter

    Fire Starter

Although it’s expected that you know how to make fire using stones, most people don’t know how to do it. So, I have started the list bringing a fire starter in the first position.

You will obviously need fire in the wilderness to keep you warm during cold nights, keep the predators far away from your place, and cook meals.

For these purposes, you can carry matchboxes, Bic lighter, or a striker, whichever seems convincing to you.

  1. A Survival Knife

    Survival Knife

If this is the first time you are about to go into the wilderness, there will be a lot of cutting chores. For such essential purposes, you will need a survival knife to make things easier. No matter which knife you get, make sure the knife is sharp enough to skin your hunt, sharpen sticks, cut strings, etc. stuff.

  1. Map & Compass

    Map And Compass

You most likely will not get GPS service in the wilderness. So, in such a case, having a manual compass and a local map are only things to rely upon to navigate safely. You can also have a road and topography map for convenience as these are lightweight to carry.

  1. A Bow Saw

    Bow Saw survival kit

You will need to cut through logs to make firewood. Thus, having a bow saw is a must if you are backpacking for a survival trip. Rely only on a knife doesn’t sound convenient. So, be sure to pack a lightweight metal framed saw to make things easier in the wilderness.

  1. Rescue Signals

    Emergency Survival Whistle

Chances aren’t rare that you might get lost in the wilderness. Having a plastic whistle comes very useful in such a situation. Your whistle can travel to a distance that your voice cannot.

In addition to that, a signaling mirror will also grab you the attention of the helicopters during emergencies.

  1. A Radio with Flashlight

I highly recommend people to pack a radio for survival tours. Emergency radios come with a light quality flashlight, can send SOS signals, and ones with bigger batteries can be used as a power bank as well.

  1. Water Filtration

Under no circumstances, you shouldn’t dehydrate your body. Therefore, you need to make sure that you drink at least 1 gallon of water per day. There will be water sources in the wild, but you need to carry a proper water filter so that you don’t get sick after drinking water.

  1. Basic First Aid Kit

    First Aid Kit

Be sure to pack a first-aid kit in your backpack for your next survival trip. You don’t know what is ahead of your trip. So, it would be better to be safe with all the necessary first aid items having with you. Apart from general first aid items, you can also pack pressure dressings that help to stop bleeding.

  1. Emergency Non-Perishable Food Rations

    food for survival

Even though there will be arrangements for preparing or cooking foods, don’t forget to pack some non-perishable food items. Carry such foods, and thank me later when you feel hungry and the

food isn’t prepared yet.

In the wilderness, you might face trouble when it comes to food. So a few days before you start the trip, be sure to learn everything you need to know about survival food.

  1. Proper Clothing

fishing apparel

If you’ve never been to the wilderness before, you need to dress for the absolute worst-case scenario. More people easily die from hypothermia in the wild than almost any other cause. Cold nights should not be fought with just a warm fire. Hence, it’s a great idea to layer your clothes while keeping in mind that it should be loose. On the top of the shirts you can wear a fishing vest for keeping the necessary small fishing equipment in the pockets.

Don’t forget to stay away from the cotton since your under layer should always be a wool source. Cotton retains moisture reducing insulation making it harder for the body to deal with. Cotton is actually the leading source of hypothermia and even pneumonia. Synthetic wool is highly recommended if you’re venturing into the wilderness.

Final Words

The items that I have mentioned above will not make your survival trip similar to regular camping. Rather, these items will make your survival much easier.

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