Fishing Gears – What Equipment You Need to Start Fishing

Last month my friend introduced me with some awesome fishing gears.

And guess what? My whole life was a lie. I’ve been using the wrong gears and wondered what I was doing wrong.

Can you relate? Pretty sure you do.

However, I don’t want you to go through all of these. So, are you ready to be a pro angler from a newbie?

Or wanna cry over spilled milk? I am sure you don’t.

Why waiting then? Let’s get to know the equipment you need to start fishing.

Nuts and Bolts

It’s pretty obvious that you’re a newbie; otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. To be honest, you’re gonna come around soon. As I am here to give you good news!

You might think fishing is something about rocket science or you require to have 10 years of experience. But all you need is to acknowledge the proper use of fishing gears and exactly what gears you need as a beginner.

See, there are some basics you need to understand first.

Where Are You Going to Fish?

Imagine, on a hot summer day, you are going to the faraway lake for fishing, and all you get is old shoes, garbage, and broken furniture pieces. How would you feel?

Depressing isn’t it? Therefore, you need to determine the place you are going fishing. Make sure the lake or the pond has fishes. Or gather information about that area. Is it safe for anglers? Do people fish there? Is it legal?

See, the question won’t end. But you got my point, I hope so.

Hence the very first thing you gotta know is where you are going to fish.

Basic Tools You Will Need

Next, you’ll be needing appropriate gears for fishing. Now, you might run to the Walmart or any angler shop and get excited glaring at everything.

They are surely catchy and awesome looking. But do you really need all of these? Now, these will make you more puzzled. Besides, you have your budget too.

In this case, the majority of us commit foolishness. We spend bucks over something we don’t need. So, what we actually need? And do you know what’s referred to as fishing tackles?

Well, a pole. Some hooks, a bobber, a sinker, some bait, and line are known as tackles, and also these are all you need. However, there are several types of fishing gears with more advancement.

There are professional anglers who have been mastering this skill for many years and, undoubtedly, they have started their journey with those tools.

As a beginner, surely you gotta hand multiple hooks. Because at first, you are prone to mess up with fishing. If money isn’t an issue, you must go for more than one hook. Although, you don’t require a lot of equipment to start fishing because it’s a smart move, to begin with, the basics.

After some experiences with the basics, you can surely explore tricky tackles.

Fishing License

Who wants to mess up with the law, right? Whatever, I assume you are already 18 or more than that. Surely for fishing, you need to have a fishing license along with you.

Though you might have seen people fishing around in their village lakes or ponds in cities or authorized areas, the lakes are someone’s property.

Therefore, you require to purchase your fishing license. You can have it online from your state or can consult with the local authorities.

Now, if you already have all of these covered, why delaying then? Let’s dive into the equipment precisely.

Fishing Essentials at a glance- Start Your Journey Today

Here we gonna talk about fishing gears you will need for starting:

  • Rod & Reel

Well, you surely want to explore some wild gears at first, but it won’t be a smart move. You need to start with some basic rod and reel. These are tackle-tools and designed specifically. You need to purchase your rod & reel according to your fishing style as these also come in various styles.

Simplicity is the key as a beginner. So, at first, you better keep it simple.

There are basically two types of fishing. Bait fishing and lure fishing. For both of them, you need to buy a rod & reel combo pack which supports both types.

However, 11.8 inches might be the ideal length of a rod. And it must be larger than your height. Now the reel will be adjusted with your rod.

A reel should be lightweight, handy, standard-sized, and reasonable. It helps you to wind up the lines and seal your catch.

Moreover, you’ll find more versatile rod & reels. But as I said, to start with the basics. These are suitable for boat fishing, seashore fishing, or pier fishing. 

  • Fishing Lines- Keep it Extra

It’s obvious that you need fishing lines along with you. as a beginner monofilament fishing lines can be overwhelming. Though you can purchase fluorocarbon lines as well.

Although these appear in different materials and diameters. Still, monofilament (Berkley Trilene XL 10lb) lines are best to start with because these are easy to stretch.

Now you can surely hook a massive fish or small ones. But you’ll be needing extra lines as the line must split or damage while fishing. Thus, try to keep extra lines even if you are fishing at crystal-clear water.

Tip: Tying a hook with you line again and again can be annoying and frustrating too.  Hence, you can practice tying some knots such as Palomar or uni knots. These will provide you the skill to retie your hook anytime, anywhere. 

  • Hooks, Weights, And Floats

Let’s talk about hooks, weight, and floats.


Make sure you store as many hooks as you can. But not all hooks will be the same. Try keeping different sizes of hooks. It can be any type of hooks, but the sizes should vary.

Because see you don’t know which fish is going to bite the hook. Thus, be ready for any sort of fish. Now you can’t use a 32 number- small hook for 80-pound black drums. Vice versa.

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Generally, weights are used for the same purpose but for different distances. For example, if you wanna catch a faraway fish, then you need to throw weight for more casting ability. And luckily it can stay underwater and affordable too.

Well, you might have heard about bobbers. It’s the same thing as floats. You just need to stick it with the line and as soon as the fish bites, the float sinks and then you pull up the line and get the fish.

There are round shape bobber and slip shaped bobber. Most people use the round shape bobber because they are very handy and easy to attach with the line. Besides, they have a limited range of how far you can target lines.

  • Baits- Live Baits are The Best

Next thing you gotta need is bait (grab, corn, marshmallow, mealworms, cricket, crayfish meat). Well, it’s some attractive fish foods you stick at the end-edge of your line to allure the fishes and trigger them to bite the bait.

Now, just like you, the fishes are also clever and witty. Okay, I just made up that. However, as they are likely to find out fake baits by smelling and casting, you better attach live baits such as worms and minnows for an instant bite. Here you need to understand that the bait preferences vary from fish to fish.

Thus. It would be great if you already know which fish you’re going to catch.

  • Plastic Worm and Lures

Let’s talk about plastic worm and lures

  1. Plastic Worm

When it comes to bass fishing, using plastic worms can be a good option. Okay, I am still alive bait fain. Though I prefer keeping a bunch of plastic worms along with me.

They come in a variety of sizes and colors. Always try to find a worm with a long tail. Because it allows you to get more bites than the short tails. However, many anglers prefer using plastic worm as they believe that some worm color can attract the fish and trigger them to bite.

2. Lures

Artificial fishing lures can boost up your game to the next level. Plastic worm and baits are obviously effective but carrying a couple of lures can be fruitful as well.

However, it comes in various color, sizes, and designs. Basically, lures are used to attract the fishes through the eye-catching color and reflective element.

If you are fishing in a calm atmosphere, then light weighed lures are best to go for. Otherwise, if it’s windy and tempting both, then a heavy weighed lure is the one.

Spoons, jigs, buzz bait, crankbait, trolling lures, etc. are the most common and effective lures. Also, whooper plopper as the top water lure is also prominent.

  • Needle Nose Pliers

It is used for detaching the hook out of the fish.

  • Sunscreen and First Aid Kit

Let’s get to know why you need sunscreen and first aid kit:

  1. Sunscreen: When the summer rolls and it’s tempting outside, the first essential you require is a sunscreen with enough SPF. Then even while fishing, you won’t get affected by harmful UV rays or suntan. Thus, try to keep a sunscreen around 20 to 45 SPF formula.
  2. First Aid Kit: I humbly pray that you don’t face any major injuries, but minor cuts are bound to happen. Hence, keeping a first aid kit is very important. Because nothing compares to safety.
  • Having Saw Bow

    Another important fishing gear that you shouldn’t miss! Well why, you may think. I would say, your fishing camping is incomplete if you’re not having barbecue. Because after catching fish it’s obvious you would like to taste them. And for firewood obviously you need to cut some wood.

    Therefore it’s a smart idea to have a camping bow saw. These camping saw has slender blade taut to cut the wood easily. Else there, feature like folding, handy and lightweight make them popular among the campers since it can carry wherever they want to go.

    By the way, whenever you go for this tool keep remember that the blades are good enough to do the job and can be replaced according to need.

Get Your Fishing Gears Now!

I know you are still feeling a little bit nervous and confused. But trust me all you need is the beginning with proper equipment. Hope to see your happy face when you’ll be sharing your journey in the comment section below. Happy fishing!

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