Daiwa Saltist Lever Drag Single Speed Conventional Fishing Reel

While picking up a reel for saltwater fishing, make sure it meets necessary requirements. It is essential for your fishing reels to have some unique features.

Your offshore reel must be corrosion resistant, durable and an excellent performer. So, find out accordingly and carefully.

We can suggest about Daiwa Saltist Lever Drag Single Speed Conventional Fishing Reel as an option. These reels meet all requisites and ensure that they are quite capable of this task.

Daiwa Saltist Spinning Reel Review

You can consider them as your best buddy for offshore fishing for years. Taking the right decision is essential. So, here, Daiwa Saltist Lever Drag Single Speed Conventional Fishing Reels Review is in front of you today.

Highlighting the features, pros and cons of the product this review will make things easy for you. There is also a small FAQ part included to serve you in maximum level.

Hope you are going to get some basic idea about this excellent device. Before you take any decision, read it thoroughly.

Features of Daiwa Saltist LD Single Speed Conventional Reel


Six pieces of Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings (CRBB) are used in these reels. These are made to give you a long lasting service in saltwater. Specially made CRBBs will remain corrosion proof for several years and ensure you a tension free fishing.

Stainless Steel Gears

Precision, stainless steel gears with helical-cut will, offers you a smooth and powerful winding. Stainless steel made the Daiwa Saltist LD Conventional Reels sturdy and durable. You will get a blend of extreme smoothness with optimum toughness while using them.

Ultimate Tournament Carbon Drag

UTD or Ultimate Tournament Carbon Drag is used inside these reels. This high-performance carbon drag ensures you a smoothness and high speed during oceanic fishing.

Aluminum Structure

Daiwa LD Saltist LD Single Speed Reels are featured with metal structure. Wisely engineered Aluminum made a frame and left side plate are one solid piece to provide an unmatched strength. It is a great combination of strength and reduced weight.

Other Features Daiwa Saltist Spinning Reel

  • Manufactured with reduced weight
  • Black-Silver color
  • Good gear ratio
  • Machined aluminum spool
  • Free-spool ability
  • One-touch gear shift
  • Offset power handles with round speed knob
  • Dual system Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • Five models: STTLD20H, STTLD30H, STTLD35H, STTLD40H, STTLD50H


  • Smart outlook
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Sturdy materials made this reel long lasting
  • Gives an excellent performance
  • The reel is very smooth and fast
  • Durable cranking power
  • Suitable gear ratio for good casting
  • Deep dropping bottom fishing is possible
  • Ideal for trolling
  • This comes in Five models with different features
  • No corrosion even after saltwater fishing for years


  • Casting may be a bit tricky, you will need some practice
  • The reel doesn’t have a way to change the tension on the feel spool. It doesn’t seem to have some minimal pressure control for birds nesting or backlash
  • Clicker buttons are slippery

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about this product

Q-1:    This reel has no tension control for backlash. What to do?

A-1:    In this case, you can use your thumb for creating pressure on the spool while the line is descending. Thus you can control the backlash while casting.

Q-2:    How can I use this reel for trolling?

A-2:    You should set the drag to light during trolling. When a fish is on, increase the drag.

Q-3:    Is the gear ratio same in all models of Daiwa Saltist Lever Drag Single Speed Reel?

A-3:    Yes. All lever drag single speed models of Daiwa saltiest reel have same gear ratio (6.3:1).

Bottom Line

Daiwa has added Lever drag reels to their impressive Saltist range. Daiwa Saltist family is now loaded with a variety of features those are much improved than previous.

Highest quality components have made by Daiwa Saltist Lever Drag Speed Reels. Besides, five different models can meet particular demands of an angler.

You can also check out our best saltwater spinning reel reviews for more top-notch spinning reels.

Before releasing, these reels are tested for assuring its durability and quality. That is why they are capable of providing service for long time without any tension.

A perfect blend of power and strength is offered here. Therefore, worldwide professional fishermen use this excellent, awesome device.

Reading our Daiwa Saltist Lever Drag Single Speed Conventional Fishing Reel Review will be worth considering. Wish you will be benefited in every way.

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