7 Best Rig for Trout Fishing in 2022 | Reviews and Buying Guide

Catching a big brown trout in the river can easily be a highlight of your summer. But first, you need a better rig. Trout fishing in ponds, lakes, and rivers calls for a quality rig, and we can show you seven great options!

We have everything from ready-to-use rigs to loose beads, sinkers, and swivels to build a rig of your own! And we assure you, with one of these fishing rigs, the biggest trout of your local lake will be yours!

Remember, the best rig for trout fishing only works when you have the right bait on the hook. If you’re new to this, our buying guide for trout rigs can get you all caught up! Let’s get started, shall we?


The Necessity of Choosing a Proper Rig for Trout Fishing

A rainbow trout is pretty intelligent for a freshwater fish. In order to catch the biggest of the lot, you need to up your fishing gear.

Now, if you’re wondering, a proper rig isn’t the most expensive rig; instead, it’s one that attracts the trout and makes it eat the bait. And you’ll be surprised how a simple Carolina rig catches a 20-inch brown trout right from the bottom of a river.

Besides, a good quality rig will also protect your trout fishing line from crimping, or worse- breaking free from the trout fishing rod!


7 Best Rigs for Trout Fishing Reviews

Although rainbow trout are abundant in rivers and streams, catching them is quite the ordeal. Read about the seven most popular fishing rigs for trout this season!

  1. AGOOL Fishing Egg Sinker Weight Rigs – 4/8pcs Ready Rigs

AGOOL Fishing Egg Sinker Weight Rigs

Catching a rainbow trout from deep waters calls for a top-notch rig.  This is why anglers prefer weight rigs from Agool. For one, they’re ready to use, and they come in all different shapes and sizes!

This is a pack of 8-piece ready rigs with a sinker, fishing swivel, and snap connectors. Compared to chatter bait rigs, these egg sinkers go much deeper in freshwater.

You get a 49-strand, stainless steel wire leader in the box. Stumps, rocks, and underwater structures can’t damage a wire leader this sturdy!

Next, the swivel works great in moving waters with heavy current flow. You also get two fishing beads that rattle and lure trout in your direction. They help the swivel to stay in place, which is pretty amazing for a simple rig.

The fact that you can target redfish, bass, and snapper other than stocked rainbow trout made this rig much popular among anglers. You can call it the best fishing rig for trout, and you won’t be wrong!



  • It comes with a durable, 49-strand steel wire fishing leader
  • Two red beads for luring trout to the live bait
  • The egg sinkers are available in 0.5oz to 2oz sizes
  • Suitable for catching native rainbow trout and brown trout


  • The rig setup is only effective for 10 to 25lb. trout

  1. Easy Catch Fishing Egg Sinker 4pcs Weight Rigs

Easy Catch Fishing Egg Sinker Weight Rigs

If you’re going to catch trout anywhere other than your local pond, you need a dependable rig. Easy Catch sinkers can help you set up the perfect rig for trout! We like this Easy Catch rig for five reasons.

Four egg sinkers come pre-rigged to begin with so that you can immediately bait the trout fishing hook and get down to business!

The bottom snap on this rig is pretty straightforward. First-timers can easily attach the bait to the hook and the hook to the leader.

Just like the Agool rig, anglers also prefer the Easy Catch rig for its solid setup. This is the best rig for trout fishing with worms and other live baits.

It’s a high-quality rig on a reasonable budget. Cutthroat trout with their sharp teeth are unlikely to give in without a fight. In that case, the strong fishing leader you get with this rig will be pretty useful!



  • The stainless-steel leader protects your line from damage
  • It comes with two beads, two barrel swivels, and bottom snaps
  • Suitable for any bottom-feeding trout in rivers and lakes
  • Durable egg sinker attachment


  • Some anglers might have preferred a fluorocarbon leader

  1. AGOOL 175 pcs Carolina Fishing Rigs

Bass Fishing Tackle Kit - 130pcs/175pcs Carolina Rig

Brook trout like to hang in low water temperatures. So, it would be best if you had a rig that gets your bait at the proper depth. We particularly liked this all-purpose rig setup from Agool. Since it’s a 175-piece set, you can use it with any bait of your choice!

With its available accessories, you can easily assemble a Texas rig and a Carolina rig. The set includes bullet sinkers, rolling swivels, split rings, and three different types of fishing beads. Most anglers in Oregon will use these fishing rigs for trout.

A bottom rig without a bullet sinker might limit your casting distance in rivers. This is why we were thrilled to see sinkers in four different weights in the box.

If you’re after a larger fish, we’ll recommend the 2oz egg sinker. It’s one of the coolest fishing rigs for streams from this brand.

The fact that you can get this trout rig for under fifteen bucks is pretty insane. Just add the bait and your tackle box is complete!



  • It comes with four types of bullet sinkers and fishing beads
  • Ideal for making a Carolina rig and a Texas rig
  • Compatible with live bait
  • Includes split shot rings for fishing


  • Not a split shot sinker

  1. Shaddock Fishing Egg Sinker Weight Rigs

Fishing Egg Sinker Weight Rigs

Trout anglers will swear by this fishing rig for reeling a lake trout from great depths! Be it live bait or floating bait, the Shaddock Fishing rig is incredibly versatile, and it goes with everything!

The fishing rig is effective in ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams. So, you know it’s worthy enough to keep in your tackle box.  Besides, you get eight pieces of pre-rigged egg sinkers for fishing trout. It looks like a good enough deal to us!

In addition to the barrel swivel, this fishing rig also features a heavy-duty wire leading. Now, you can cast your line over long distances and lure the biggest brook trout from the rivers.

It doesn’t include a bait, but the fishing beads should grab the attention of big fish just fine.

Overall, we have high hopes for this fishing rig. It goes a long way and is super affordable. So, the next time you go fishing in your local rivers and streams, give the Shaddock Fishing rig a go!



  • Double-locking snaps for attaching the lure
  • Suitable for bottom-feeding fish
  • Durable steel egg sinker and fishing leader
  • Hassle-free sinker attachment


  • None

  1. Jed Welsh 3 Pack Floating Bait Leader Size 12 Hook Rigs

 Jed Welsh Fishing 3 Pack Floating Bait Leader Size 12 Hook Rigs

If you’re looking for trout in nearby rivers and streams, you’ll definitely need the Jed Welsh weight rig this season. This one is designed for floating baits and comes with two size-12 hooks. Sounds convenient, right?

Bottom fish anglers like its 4ft. 4lb. test leader, if not the sturdy treble hook. According to anglers, it’s the standard weight for a fishing leader. The two treble hooks you get in the box are incredibly durable for big fish in rivers, ponds, and lakes.

This Jed Welsh is one of the most trusted fishing rigs for streams for its capacity. Other than the #12 treble hooks, you also get a handy, 12-inch dropper.

You can reel in big trout from the ponds and surprise other anglers. More often than not, new anglers look down upon a simple rig. So, now would be an excellent time to show them who’s the boss!



  • Includes two #12 treble hooks and beads
  • The 4 ft. 4lb. test leader can reel big trout to the shore
  • Eliminate drag and keeps the line steady
  • Ideal for fishing in lakes, rivers, and ponds


  • The sinker is unsuitable for bottom-feeding fish

  1. Jed Welsh 4 Pack Floating Bait Leader

Jed Welsh Fishing 4 Pack Floating Bait Leader Size 12 & 14 Hooks Rigs

There’s a high chance your trout are hiding under logs and weed beds. In that case, the Jade Welsh weight rig is the way to go! Let’s see why.

First of all, Jade Welsh made this fishing rig keeping cutthroat trout and rainbow trout in mind. So, if there’s one rig for fishing, it’s got to be from Jed Welsh.

Next, low-budget fishing rigs like this often don’t come with hooks and lures. So, instead of a lure, you can use insect larvae, minnow head, or power bait.

At one end of this Jade Welsh rig, a baited hook is tied to the main line. Going up, there’s a fishing bead, a bullet sinker, and a small swivel- exactly in that order.

Lastly, it’s also targeted for barracuda, bass, catfish, salmon, and halibut apart from river trout. It’s not going to kink up even when there’s a big fish at the hook-bait. Rest assured, you won’t regret keeping the Jed Welsh rig in your tackle box!



  • Includes two #12 and two #14 treble hooks
  • A sliding egg sinker and two beads
  • Durable leader for lake fishing
  • Made in the USA


  • It comes without an artificial lure

  1. GLL Alabama Fishing Bait Rigs

Fishing Bait Rigs for Bass Crappie Walleye Pickerel Trout Perch Bluegills

Most trout species will move to deeper water in the summer months. So, you’re going to need something more advanced than shallow water jigs if you want to catch trout. We personally like the GLL rig for its incredible strength.

First of all, it’s an original Alabama rig for fishing trout in lakes, ponds, and rivers. So, if you want to bag brook trout from your local river, this weight rig from GLL can help.

Before you bait a fish hook for ice-fishing brown trout, you might as well start with a quality fishing rig, no?

The rig is shaped like an umbrella with five soft baits connected to a central knot. It imitates a group of minnows and attracts big trout every time.

The only problem is that anglers with an average leader and reel find it difficult to move the rig around.

It’s obviously more compatible with heavyweight fishing gear, which makes it the best rig for ice fishing trout! You can make the most out of this fishing rig with a prominent fishing leader.



  • Ideal for ice-fishing trout
  • Soft baits for catching trout, crappie, and largemouth bass
  • An Alabama rig with a weightless Texas bait hook
  • 5 lures per knot


  • The weight of the rig is unmanageable for a weak reel

What You Should Check Before Buying a Rig for Trout Fishing

Anglers know where to find trout. But when it comes to catching them, a Carolina rig is your best bet. Fishing rigs can be set up in many ways, but knowing what’s right for trout is a different ball game.

Want to know what makes a great fishing rig for catching trout in rivers and lakes? Keep reading!

Material and Weight

Anglers prefer heavyweight rigs for fishing. So, they often choose a 2oz sinker for their brand-new rig. Bullet sinkers and egg sinkers are an important part of Texas rigs.

If you’re fishing in rivers and lakes, a 1.5oz egg sinker will do. Since trout species have sharp teeth, a stainless-steel swivel and an artificial lure are must-haves for your tackle.

Casting Distance

The weight of the sinker determines how deep under the river you can cast your fishing line. It also depends on the leader-length.

Experienced anglers keep the fishing leader’s length up to 24 inches in ponds and 48 inches in rivers.

Remember to secure the fishing hook to the line with a Palomar knot. This way, you can cast your line safe from weed beds and deeper in the lakes, rivers, and streams.

Sinker Design and Accessories

Anglers get to choose their favorite sinker from a number of options. First, there’s the famous sliding sinker.

They’re shaped like eggs and usually come with a fishing bead on either end. Some anglers stick to the common split-shot sinkers for fishing. You can go for pre-rigged sinkers that are already tied to the leader with uni knots.

Quality Fishing Leader and Swivel

The fishing leader is pretty important here, considering it keeps your fishing gear safe from tugs and twists. A fluorocarbon fishing leader line is pretty expensive for new anglers.

It’s why a multi-strand steel leader is our number one choice for fishing rigs.

As for the barrel swivel, it keeps the fishing line from twisting. A 360°, smooth rotating swivel translates to a better bait presentation!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Which bait hook should I use for Rainbow Trout?

To catch rainbow trout from your local lake and river, you should use a #12 treble hook with a long fishing leader and a swimbait. Anglers also recommend a Texas rig for fishing, but make sure you tie the bait hook to the swivel firmly!

2.     What type of bait is ideal for trout fishing?

Starting from plastic worms to live critters, river trout show interest in most baits. According to anglers, brook trout would definitely bite a colorful swim-bait, whereas brown trout tend to bite minnows, leeches, and artificial lures.

3.     How useful are egg sinkers for catching trout?

Sinkers are small weights that help you cast the fishing rod to a favorable depth and distance in lakes, rivers, and streams. When you’re catching brown trout, an egg sinker can place the bait much deeper in the lakes.

4.     What’s the best place to find trout in lakes?

You can spot trout in a river in all seasons. During summer, anglers look for river trout in moving water and undercut banks. Some anglers cast their fishing lines downriver at first because most trout habitats are likely there.

5.     What size fishing line should I use for native trouts?

A four-weight fishing line with a size 12 hook is enough for a 10-16 in. native trout.  If you’re looking for a larger fish, you can use a 10lbs weight fishing line with a size 14 hook from Jed Welsh.


Final Words

Pulling a 30-inch rainbow trout up your boat is possible when you have the best rig for trout fishing.

All seven rigs we featured today will give a good fight against native deep-water trout. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your fishing license and reel those trout out of the lake! Best of luck!

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