Best Line for Trolling Lake Trout Reviews in 2022 | Top 7 Picks

Best Line for Trolling Lake Trout

Choosing a fishing line is no less important than choosing other angling gear and accessories for successful fishing. Specific species act differently, so there’s no one fishing line to catch them all. The same goes for trout fishing.

When it comes to trout trolling, you also need to consider the water type to get the perfect line. The weight factor, visibility, and line strength are typically the factors you need to consider to get the best line for trolling lake trout.

We’ve spent quite a lot of time finding the perfect fishing lines for trout trolling as every trout fishing is different. Regardless of the water condition of where you will be trolling, you will be able to pick the most suitable fishing line from the list below.

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Lake Trout Trolling Setup – How Do You Troll for Lake Trout?

Compared to other fishing types, trolling is a bit different. There are a few factors to consider as the lure will constantly be moving underwater.

If you are a beginner at this and wanted to know how long a rod you would need, a 7-8 ft. rod would be more than enough for trolling trout.

You can attach a series of blades to the fishing line, it’s really up to your preference. Be sure not to use big blades.

As a trout lure, you can use pretty much anything you like. If you have been really lucky with any specific item, go ahead and use it for trolling trout as well.

Now, tip the lure with a worm. It doesn’t have to be a big one. Just thread it onto the first hook. The worm should be spinning down the water to attract trout.

Before finally casting the fishing line, see if everything runs as you expect it to be. Everything should spin decently.

Be very careful while adjusting the speed. Trout don’t like to chase high-speed objects. Then, troll as slow as you can. The speed shouldn’t be more than 2 mph. Make sure the rod is angled at 45 degrees or close to it.

Make a decent cast far away from the boat. And keep trolling until you find any trout biting the lure.

7 Best Line for Trolling Lake Trout Reviews

Braided or monofilament fishing lines suit the best for trolling. That’s why the list only includes lines of both these types. Pick one considering your fishing style, water type, and preference.

1. Sufix 832 Braid Line-600 Yards

Sufix 832 Braid Line-600 Yards

The first pick on the list is from Sufix. If you have been fishing for quite a few years, you probably heard their name. This braid line is one of the strongest lines you can get at this price point. For trolling trout, it got pretty much everything you need for successful fishing sessions.

Made of Dyneema fibers, you can count on the durability of this line regardless of how the size of fish you catch. Also, its unmatched abrasion resistance will make sure the line doesn’t get damaged due to underwater rocks and plants. You can even test its strength using a knife. Sufix claims it to be knife-proof as well.

One of the most selling points of this braided line for trout is its sensitivity. You will feel each and every bite, no matter how minor they are. This is something you won’t get with other than braid fishing lines.

Making ties and knots is pretty easy using the line. No matter how long the fishing session goes, the knots won’t get loose whatsoever.

You will notice the color fades too fast. But, this won’t make the line less durable in any way.

  • Superb strength, ideal for trolling in saltwater
  • Extremely user-friendly for casting
  • Survives underwater rocks and plants
  • Small diameter allows more line on the rod
  • Abrasion resistance makes it a versatile fishing line
  • High sensitivity improves trolling accuracy
  • Color fades if used regularly

2. American Fishing Wire Stainless Steel Trolling Wire

 American Fishing Wire Stainless Steel Trolling Wire

When it comes to wireline trolling for lake trout, many anglers prefer using stainless steel lines that meet their fishing style and needs the most. This stainless steel made trolling line is just for those. Due to its material, there’s nothing to worry about the durability factor.

Compared to lines made of other materials, this wire sinks faster to get you the best possible trolling results. At shorter lengths, the trolling depth of this line is quite satisfying, even for pro anglers.

Unlike braid lines, there won’t be any kink on the wire. So, tying will be a lot easier for this.

As for your angling convenience, the line is abrasion-resistant. So, no matter what it has to take underwater, the wire won’t tear or damage whatsoever. This particular feature makes it the best trout fishing line for both salt and freshwater.

  • Stainless steel material makes the line very durable
  • Sinks rapidly for better trolling results
  • Small diameter helps to get more reel capacity
  • Abrasion resistance makes it ideal for both salt and freshwater
  • Doesn’t kink, unlike other materials
  • Curls back a bit, thus needs stretching

3. Power Pro Braided Spectra Fiber Fishing Line

 Power Pro 21100300100V Braided Spectra Fiber Fishing Line

Colored braided lines fade quickly, and this isn’t an exception for this fishing line as well. But the red color of this line fades if it goes more than 14 ft. deep to make the line less visible to fish. As far as trolling goes, if you are trolling trout in a lake, this would be the best line for trout for its less visible appearance.

For anglers that prefer the most sensitive fishing line, this option can’t go wrong. You will literally feel each and every bite and take action as soon as the fish gets caught underwater.

Also, casting and handling are much easier and beginner-friendly with this line. If you previously used fishing lines of other materials, you will notice significant differences in performance.

When it comes to durability, this fishing line doesn’t disappoint at all. As the line got spectra fiber material, you can expect it to be the most abrasion-resistant line at this price range. The material is pretty thin, so it increases the overall reel capacity, which is something you would much appreciate for trolling trout.

  • Great casting and handling performance
  • Highly sensitive fishing line ideal for trolling trout
  • Durable and abrasion resistant material
  • Thin line increases reel capacity
  • Much less visibility under 14 ft.
  • Might not be suitable for fishing less than 20 ft. deep

4. Blood Lead Core Fishing Line 100 Yard Spool

 27LB Lead Core Fishing Line Blood Run Tackle 100 Yard Spool

This pick is one of those lines that are designed for trout and similar species. The line is made keeping trolling trout in mind. You will get all the conveniences for trolling in the lake.

For trolling, you would want a fishing line that sinks fast. If you troll slowly, then using this line, you will see it sinks pretty fast compared to others in this price range and line category.

Cast and deploying are also much more convenient when you have this line on the reel. Unlike cheaper ones, the material doesn’t stretch, but you will still see enough flex on it while trolling trout.

Blood lead fishing line comes with a unique feature that you won’t see in others. Every 10 yards have a specific color. So, 100 yards will have 10 different colors. It will help you to visualize the measurement accurately to enhance the overall fishing experience.

  • Durable line doesn’t stretch yet got some flex on it
  • Easy to deploy and cast, suitable for different trolling needs
  • Sinks pretty fast compared to other lines
  • Doesn’t take much space on the reel
  • Great knotting strength for big species
  • Not the smoothest fishing line for the price

5. Mason 100YD 20 Colors Leadcore Deep Water Trolling Line


Another braided fishing line on the list. For trolling trout, it’s made really well to get you the expected results. The price might seem a bit high to you, but the overall quality will speak for itself once you start trolling using it.

Made of abrasion-resistant braided nylon, its durability is more than enough for trout and similar big species. Regardless of the underwater condition of the lake you troll, the line will withstand like any expensive fishing line.

Being a braided line, it’s fast sinking. Also, you will get the benefit of fast casting and deploying for a more convenient fishing experience. The overall sensitivity is something you would expect from a high-quality braided line. No matter how small the bite is, the line will make you feel that.

Unlike cheaper braided lines, this one got non-fading dye which will help you to visualize the measurement quite easily. Every ten yards have a different color code similar to the previously reviewed one on the list.

  • Durable nylon made braided fishing line
  • Abrasion-resistant makes it ideal for tough underwater conditions
  • Color doesn’t fade using for a long time
  • Different colors for every 10 yards for measuring convenience
  • Has ideal line weight for trout fishing
  • A bit pricier

6. Maxima Ultragreen Service Spool

Maxima Ultragreen Service Spool

Professional fishermen and anglers need a fishing line with superior strength similar to this one from Maxima. If you have been commercially fishing for years, this would be the best fishing line for trout.

Many pro anglers have been using this particular fishing line for decades. So, if you need something to settle down on, you won’t regret buying this one. While putting in real-life tests, the line showed exceptional strength even for bigger species than trout.

Because of its exceptional strength, the line is perfect for fishing in different water conditions. You can’t just pick any random fishing line for harsh water conditions, as the water condition has to do a lot with trolling. This line would be quite reliable in such conditions as well.

  • Extremely durable fishing line for bigger species
  • Ideal for harsh and clear water conditions
  • Right option for commercial fishing preferences
  • Reliable strength regardless of fishing styles
  • Easy casting, and tying convenience
  • Costs more compared to other ones on the list

7. Stren High Impact Monofilament Fishing Line

 Stren High Impact Monofilament Fishing Line

If you are a big fan of mono fishing lines, this one from Stren is for you. It has great durability, strength, and impact resistance to help you with trolling trout and other fishing styles. In fact, it’s one of the most versatile fishing lines on the list.

Apart from trolling in lakes, you can even go for coastal or bay fishing using this mono line. The material is stainless steel, which coils it, but not much compared to typical mono fishing lines available in the market.

Being able to knot tightly is one of the reasons anglers prefer using mono lines over braided ones. And guess what, tying and knotting are pretty straightforward. It won’t go loose whatsoever.

If you prefer using spinning reels for trout fishing, the line would significantly improve the overall fishing experience. However, it’s good for casting as well. But it suits better on reels.

  • Durable stainless steel fishing line
  • Versatile line with great strength and impact resistance
  • Suitable for trolling, casting, as well as spinning
  • Impressive performance at both coastal and bay fishing
  • Doesn’t coil much compared to other mono lines
  • A bit heavier than other lines

How to Choose a Line for Trolling Lake Trout?

Fishing lines are made of different materials. Each one serves very specific fishing needs and has the upper hand over another. In addition, not all the lines are equally good for all types of anglers. So, when it comes to shopping for a new line for trout fishing or anything else, there are a few factors to consider.

Pound Test

This refers to the breaking strength of the fishing line. Depending on which particular spice you want to catch and its weight, you need to opt for a fishing line with the correct pound spec.

For example, the average weight of trouts where you want to troll is 5 pounds, make sure your fishing line is at least 5 pounds or more. However, as far as trolling trout is concerned, 10-12 pounds fishing lines are perfect. Even if you catch a bigger trout that weighs more than 12 pounds, you would still be able to land it.


Fishing lines are mostly available in 3 types – monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braid lines.

1. Monofilament Fishing Lines

These are typically made of nylon. These fishing lines are ideal for both salt and freshwater anglers. Mono lines are stretchy, which is something many anglers prefer for trolling as this characteristic makes the line shock-resistant. The visibility is pretty low compared to other lines. And it’s easy to handle for trolling.

However, there are some drawbacks as well. Due to the stretch, these lines aren’t that sensitive. So, you can miss hard-to-feel bites every now and then. Also, its sinking rate is slow. Thus, it’s most suitable for fishing topwater lures.

2. Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Another well-known fishing accessory among anglers — because of their low visibility, great abrasion-resistance, and more sensitive fishing performance, these lines are getting popular day by day. Unlike mono ones, these aren’t shock-resistant but sink quicker.

3. Braid Fishing Lines

They are extremely durable. Unlike mono, these lines don’t scratch, thus allowing you to feel each and every bite. Because of its high sensitivity, many anglers consider it to be the best fishing line for lake trout. The line sinks fast and easy to cast and deploy, which are the most favorable to anglers.

However, braided ones have high visibility, thus might not be ideal for some species in clear water.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is the Best Trolling Speed for Lake Trout?

Lake trout fishing requires a slow trolling speed between 1.7-2 mph. You can prefer a trolling plate or drift socks to help achieve it.

  1. What Size Line for Trout?

As far as strength goes, a 4-6 pound test fishing line would be more than enough for 10-20 inches trout. However, you can also opt for a 10-pound one if you plan to fish bigger species later.

  1. What Kind of fishing line should I use for trolling?

Anglers mostly use monofilament and braided fishing lines for trolling lake trout. When comparing both these options, braided lines seem to help to get better results due to their high sensitivity.

  1. What Depth Do You Troll for Trout?

If the water temperature is stable, you should be able to catch trout from 10-15 ft. depth. However, the best bet would be to stay between 30-60 ft when it’s a lake.

  1. How Much Line Should You Let Out When Trolling?

Depending on the water condition and temperature, you will have to let out at least 25 ft. of line or more than that. It can even take 50 ft. under some circumstances.

Final Words

At the end of this article, it’s worth reminding again that the best line for trolling lake trout would be the most suitable one for your trolling preferences, water type, and how big trout you are planning to catch.

If you are a beginner, go for a braided one to keep things easier.

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