Best Fishing Scale Reviews & Buying Guide in 2022

When it comes to weighing a fish, it’s really important that you have a proper tool that is convenient and also accurate. Additional features are a plus, but when buying the best fishing scale on the market, you need to look for reliability first.

I like to watch a lot of major league fishing, and if you don’t know what that is, let me give you the premise for it. It’s a bass tournament, and anglers go out, compete and see who can catch the best one.

It’s not anything like a normal bass tournament; you will get penalized if you handle the fish in the wrong way. And there are other rules that you have to follow.

Why am I telling this? It’s because one of the things they do is that they use what is called a fish grip scale.

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ProductRatingCheck Price
Dr.meter PS01 110lb4.5 check price on Amazon
ReelSonar Digital Fish Scale4.4 check price on Amazon
Entsport Fish Lip4.4 check price on Amazon
MANGO SPOT LCD4.3 check price on Amazon
NEXT-SHINE Fish Weighing Scale4.1 check price on Amazon

This tool has a grip to hold the fish to weigh better rather than taking the hook on the bottom of a normal scale that goes up in the gills. Fish can bleed out from that, and that’s why normal fishing scales aren’t allowed.

Tournament fish weighing scales are expensive, and most of the time, you don’t want to spend that much when you are just out for a casual fishing trip. At the same time, you don’t want to lose accuracy or other convenient features.

For that reason, I’ve handpicked some of the best fish scales out there that won’t break your bank but will give you good weighing measurements and other nifty features.

Top 10 Best Fishing Scale Review

See this list of the top 10 fish weighing scales that are widely used by anglers all over the world. This list contains some of the best scales that are reliable, accurate, and won’t cost much.

1. Dr.meter PS01 110lb/50kg Electronic Balance Digital Fishing Postal Hanging Hook Scale

Dr.meter Backlit LCD Display 110lb50kg Electronic Balance Digital Fishing Postal Hanging Hook Scale

Starting with the most popular digital fishing scale on the market. Dr.meter, it’s light, compact, and easy to turn on and off. It also comes with a built-in tape measure. Now, what is important is its weight measuring capacity. Let’s dive right into it.

Accurate Measurements

The results are impressive. This scale seems very accurate, and with some calibration checks, it comes pretty close to a food scale. Of course, there will be a slight 1-2 oz gap, but that’s just how these scales work. To get accurate measurements; the scale needs to be steady for about 2-3 seconds.

No Delay Time

The best part about this one is that it has no delay time. You don’t have to keep on holding the button to start weighing a fish or hold it longer to turn off the machine. This one is instant. Another cool feature of this one is that it will shut itself off after 16 seconds of inactivity.

Build & Design Quality

As I have said before, it’s lightweight, compact, and great for night fishing thanks to its big night vision LCD display. This outer body is constructed using high-density abs material. There is a metal hand strap on the top, and on the bottom, you will see a stainless-steel hook.


  • It comes with a measuring tape
  • Very accurate weight measurement
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Digital scale with a bright LCD screen


  • The on button gets pressed easily while holding the scale.


1. How do you hook a fish with this one?

The best way to hold a fish is by grinding the mounting hook and holding the fish by the mouth. Never weigh them by their grills.

2. How precise is this scale?

There isn’t much consistency but expect around 1 to 2 oz variation between weighing sessions.

2. ReelSonar Digital Fish Scale Tape Measure 99lb/45kg and Fish Lip Gripper

ReelSonar Digital Fish Scale

This is a 99lb scale which means it won’t or can’t weigh anything more than that. From the look of it, there isn’t anything fancy here. Simple fishing scale with a large LCD display, and one button for on/off and tare. So why is it recommended? Let’s find out.

Fish Lip Grabber

It comes with a removable lip grabber. This is a nice feature to have because nowadays, no one uses puncture rings anymore. However, you still have it as an option if you want, but not a fan of using these and won’t recommend them. In addition to that, this one also comes with a tape measure.


This digital scale is compact and has a unique handle that is easy to hold. You can measure in both kg and pound, and measurements are very accurate too. The LCD screen has a bright light that is easy to see in the dark. This scale has all the functionalities that make it ideal for tournament situations.

Build Quality

With a stainless-steel hook and durable abs plastic body, this scale will serve you for a long time. This battery-powered device can last up to 500 hours and to save power. It also features an auto shut-off function. Overall, it has a sturdy build and is easy to use on the go.


  • It comes with a gentle fish lip gripper.
  • Easy to hold and use.
  • 45kg maximum weight capacity.
  • Accuracy is similar to a kitchen scale.


  • You have to wait 8 seconds for the device to lock the weight.


1. How accurate is this scale?

It’s not 100% accurate, but it gets darn close to kitchen scale. This is good enough for most fishing scenarios with a slight 0.5+/- pounds difference.

2. How long does it take to weigh a fish properly?

You need to hold the fish steady for about 8 seconds which is tough because of the constant flapping.

3. Entsport Fish Lip Gripper Fish Scales

Entsport Fish Lip Gripper Fish Scales

Let me clarify something first. This isn’t a digital scale. It’s a lip gripper that you use to weigh bigger fish. However, it’s a safer way of measuring a fish. The most amazing part about this is its value. It’s cheap but offers excellent quality. This is probably the only fish gripper you will ever need and here is why.

Premium Quality

As I have already mentioned, this one has an amazing value. We all prefer American-made products, but why would you want to throw good money away? The fit and finish of this product are excellent. You can clearly see the quality components in its mechanical design.


The construction is strong on this one. It works great and grips easily. When fishing is your livelihood, and you don’t want to spend over three digits just to get a fish gripper, this is the only tool that you can rely on. Thanks to its comparatively low price and wide usability, this is clearly a solid grabber in my book.


You will have a solid grip even if you completely submerge this in seawater. You won’t have any problem with rust because of its stainless-steel components. Even at a lower price, this one is still considered as a professional-grade fish lip gripper. As an added bonus, it also comes with a retractable measure tape.


  • Comfortable EVA handles with a solid grip.
  • Stainless-steel rust-resistant components.
  • Affordable and great value.
  • Reliable and can be used professionally.


  • It doesn’t have any mechanical rotation.


1. Is it able to hold up when saltwater fishing?

Yes, and it won’t rust either. You won’t see any signs of rust and even the mechanisms will work perfectly.

2. Is the weight scale accurate?

It is good for gripping fish but not so much as a scale.

4. MANGO SPOT LCD Electronic Balance Digital Fishing Hook Hanging Scale

MANGO SPOT LCD Electronic Balance Digital Fishing Hook Hanging Scale

This is a great little digital scale that can quickly give you a rough measurement of your fish. By rough I mean you won’t get any tournament level accuracy, but it gets close. It is easy to use with a 1 or 2 oz difference from the actual weight. And you can also measure pounds and ounces.

Hooks and Straps

Granted the hook on this isn’t designed that much for fishing. It’s not that big, but then again, a lot of people are using clamps and grabbers to weigh a fish safely. The only drawback is, you have to deduct the weight of the clamp if you want to get an accurate weight.

Tare Function

This is where the tare function comes in. Simply turn the machine on, hang the clamp which should weigh 0.25 pounds, and then hit the tare button. Now the machine is set for that weight. This means that when you weigh a fish, it will automatically take the tare weight off from the actual weight of the fish.

Compact Size

The whole unit weighs around 154g. It’s a nice scale, small and compact. You can put it in your pocket if you want to carry it that way when you are bank fishing. You need two AAA batteries to power this one.


  • Solid metal straps on top and stainless-steel hook on the bottom.
  • Built-in tare function and data lock feature.
  • Automatically shuts off after 2 minutes of inactivity.
  • Portable scale that is easy to use.


  • Good for rough measurements only.


1. Can it be used to weigh in different units?

Yes, there is a dedicated button for that. Look at the manual to find out which one. You can set pound drags on your fishing reel.

2. Can you use it as a drag scale for spinning reels?

Probably, but I wouldn’t recommend it. You need more expensive scales to measure lightweight line breaking strength accurately.

5. NEXT-SHINE Fish Weighing Scale

NEXT-SHINE Fish Weighing Scale LS-H241

If you want a pocket-size weighing scale that is compact enough to fit in your pocket and gives accurate results, this is the one. It’s a very handy pocket scale and has a display that is very easy to read. Now, when it comes to weighing a fish, let’s see how it will perform.


First of all, it’s a multi-purpose tool. This is not one of those fish-specific weighing devices. So, if you are looking for something more specific, you should pick something else. The reason I’m telling you this is because it’s not waterproof. One accidental drop in the water and you can kiss it goodbye.


The best part about this is its accuracy. Since it’s more of a kitchen scale, this one has a minimum weight capacity of 0.005kg and the maximum range is 40kg. You can switch between a variety of units via the unit button. The LCD is bright and large is easy to see in the dark.

Build Quality

If you want to use it solely for weighing fish, there is a metal hook that you can use to hang the fish. However, I wouldn’t recommend that as it is not safe for the fish. Try attaching a gripper and use the tare function to safely and accurately measure the weight.


  • Easy to change units and has a weight locking feature.
  • Auto-off function to save power.
  • Tare button and unit changing button for convenience.
  • Compact and easy to carry.


  • Not waterproof.


1. What is the maximum weight capacity of this device?

The maximum is 40kg but don’t weigh too much heavy stuff, or you might end up damaging the scale.

2. Can I attach a plier or a fish gripper with this one?


6. Eastaboga Tackle BogaGrip Fishing Landing, Handling and Weighing Fishing Scale Tool

Eastaboga Tackle BogaGrip Fishing Scale

This tool is extremely useful when handling, landing, and weighing a fish. It’s safe, you grab the fish by their lower jawbone to weigh them, and you don’t have to touch the fish at all. Granted, you have to touch some parts of the fish, but you can keep a safer distance from fins, teeth, and hook.


With this lip gripper, you can easily weigh a fish without making your hands wet. It’s able to handle a wide variety of fish species of different weights. The BogaGrip is 100% made in the USA. So, expect a little bit of price increase, but the quality can back up for the increased price.


This tool allows for one-handed operation and is able to weigh a fish accurately. The whole scale tool is saltwater resistant which means you won’t have to worry about rust. It’s easy to carry as you can easily clip it to your belt. Since it doesn’t have any screws or threads, you quickly assemble it.

Weighing Capacity

This scale is able to hold double its scale capacity and thanks to its one-handed operation, and non-slip grip, you won’t have to worry about losing grip or dropping it. It uses spring scale that is calibrated using certified weights.

You won’t have to worry about its weight capacity or its ability to measure weights. This is the real deal.


  • Ball detent pins for a quick takedown.
  • Premium quality scale tool.
  • 100% USA made product.
  • Weighs accurately.


  • Expensive


1. Does it rotate and spin?

Yes, 360-degree and smooth as butter. This also makes it ideal for holding Northern pike and weighing them as they tend to move around a lot.

2. Is the trigger wide enough for bass?

It is wide enough for largemouth bass.

7. Weston Spring & Hook Scale

Weston Spring & Hook Scale

It’s a little different than what you have seen so far. I wouldn’t recommend it for tournament fishing, but this one is highly reliable when it comes to weighing stuff. By stuff, I mean luggage, food items, and other solid things. Now, for fishing, it has a hook that I don’t prefer using, but you can always attach a lip gripper.

Build Quality

This is a solid spring and hook scale from Weston. It’s a popular tool in the industrial spring scales category because of its reliable weight measuring capacity. To ensure years of accurate readings; this weight scale is made from only the finest materials. On top of that, it has anodized aluminum parts to prevent it from rusting.


For the money, it’s a pretty good scale that you can reliably use to weigh luggage and boxes. If you are in doubt, weigh some fixed weight items and see the results for yourself. It has a maximum capacity of 100 pounds and a tab slider to mark its highest weight recorded.


For ease of use, this scale uses a convenient design that allows you to weigh luggage and packages easily. However, when it comes to fish, you will need a grabber. Since it doesn’t have any tare function, you will have to keep the actual weight of the grabber in mind.


  • Highly accurate weight readings.
  • Solid components for durability.
  • Convenient design for easy weighing.
  • Performance driver weight scale.


  • Not meant to be used as a fish scale.


1. How do you zero this scale?

If you want to set the scale to zero, you will need certified weights and use the black thumb screw at the bottom to calibrate it.

2. Is this certified for tournament fish scales?

No. While the accuracy is great; most tournaments don’t allow hook scales.

8. Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper with Digital Scale

Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper with Digital Scale

It’s a great scale from Piscifun, a popular fishing equipment manufacturer, and is one of my favorite ones so far. This is a 60-pound scale which means it will weigh anything up to 60 pounds.

Since it’s a fishing scale, it’s completely waterproof. In addition, it’s a digital one that takes two AA batteries. Now, let’s jump right into some of my favorite specs.

Tournament Level Scale

This digital tool weighs in kilograms and pounds and can save up to 10 different weights. What’s more, it will rotate 360-degrees. No matter which way you need to rotate it, this one will do that.

The rotation is smooth, and the top display portion also moves back and forth.

Fish Grippers

It comes with stainless-steel fish grippers that you can engage and open up by pulling down the two tabs. Really cool stuff for the money you are paying for it. This is a very competitive product for its price. As I’ve said before, the best way to get a hold of the fish is to use a fish gripper. And this one comes built-in.

Easy to Weigh

The best way to weigh a fish is to hold them in a safe way long enough to get accurate readings. Hooks aren’t ideal for that, grippers are. By using one, you won’t damage their mount or their grills. Once you grab hold of a fish, it won’t be able to get away no matter how much it thrashes.


  • It comes with a built-in fish gripper.
  • This tool rotates 360 degrees.
  • Waterproof and solid grip.
  • Bright LCD display.


  • No way to calibrate it.


1. How many weights can it store?

It can store up to 10 weights.

2. What’s the max weight capacity?

60 pounds.

9. Berkley BTDFS50-1 Digital Fish Scale, 50-Pound

Berkley BTDFS50-1 Digital Fish Scale

This compact digital scale from Berkley is about 15cm long and easily fits in a pocket. For storage and transportation, this is a great scale to have. The case is made out of durable abs plastic which makes it tough and long-lasting.

You can hold this in two ways. On the top, there is a plastic handle, and, on the side, there is a comfortable grip.


There are two control buttons beneath the LCD display. One to turn on the scale and the other one allows you to choose weight units. After four minutes of inactivity, this device automatically shuts down. It’s simple as that, no fuss, no gimmicky features.


You can measure weights in two units, pounds, and kilograms. If kilograms us more familiar to you, you can change the unit by pressing and holding all the buttons for three seconds. The maximum allowable weight is 50 pounds/23 kilograms.

Build Quality & Usability

As I’ve said before, it has a durable plastic body, and on top of that, it is water-resistant. The ergonomic design of this device allows you to hold it while weighing a fish comfortably. It has an auto-save function and allows you to store up to 10 weights. This one also has a tare function.


  • Ergonomic design and comfortable to hold.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Autosave feature.
  • Built-in tare function.


  • It takes some time to start.


1. How to zero it out?

It comes with a manual. Read it. They gave good detail on how to zero it out as well as how you can store previous weights.

2. Is it waterproof or water-resistant?

It’s water-resistant.

10. Weston Bow Scale

Weston Bow Scale

If you want to good bow scale, this is the one. It has a simple design, and it works. When it comes to fishing, avoid this one. Unless you somehow manage to make it useful, I don’t see any reason why I should use this in the first place. It is easily adjustable and has good quality.


Using a bow scale is easy. But making it into a fishing scale isn’t that simple. However, thanks to its simple mechanism and its ability to measure weight correctly and consistently each time, you won’t have to worry about its reliability. You can calibrate it, but the process isn’t very easy.

Spring Design

Spring weights need a lot of adjustment. If it’s not factory calibrated, you need to find some fixed weights and screw the top plastic cap. Although it will be hard to find a large enough range of adjustments if you want to calibrate it properly. Digital scales are preferable for that reason. They are easy to work with.


Out of the box, it feels a little stiff, and most of the time, you won’t get accurate readings. You need to make the springs relax a little. Try to give it a few good tugs – that should take care of the stiffness. Granted, it’s far from perfect, but you can use it to get accurate results once you make some adjustments.


  • Measures weight accurately.
  • Spring tension scale.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Good quality components.


  • Not suitable for weighing fish.


1. Is this a fishing scale?


2. Can you use it to weigh fish?


How to Choose the Best One?

You want to brag about what you bagged this season, don’t you? Nobody will believe you if you only took a photo because photos are easily manipulated.

And, if you take a picture of your fish in a close range, it will make your catch look bigger. You need solid proof and what’s better than a digital scale that can save weight readings?

As an angler, you want only the best one out there that doesn’t only show accurate readings but will also have some modern technology built into it. However, if you are new to this, it’s to start from the basics.

Difference Between Fish Scales & Ordinary Weight Scales

The scales that are used solely for weighing fish are known as fish scales. Not only that but these devices are also used to measure the size of a fish often. There are plenty of reasons to use one.

1. Tournament regulations.

2. Following up with your local laws.

3. Makes sure you don’t catch over the limit weight capacity.

4. Proof for bragging.

Ordinary scales aren’t suited for weighing fish. You will see why in a moment.

History Behind Fishing Scales

The use of these scales has been around for a long time. There are many regions where you are legally required to keep fish within a certain length and size. However, it all began in the late 1800s.

They weren’t that great but did the job well. Those early models relied heavily on a spring and a series of numbers on the outer shell. There was a hook at the bottom where they used to puncture the mount or insert it into the grill to hang the fish.

The weight pulled the spring down to set the dial to the proper weight. To calibrate them; the springs were tested against fixed weights to ensure those devices gave accurate readings.

These are still in use today, but they are gradually decreasing. Nowadays, you can even weigh a fish down to once. Thanks to the invention of digital scales, they are now more than just a weight reading tool.

Some even come with a measuring tape. You will find them a lot in major league tournaments like Bass Masters.

They have several methods to weigh fish at a larger scale, but for personal use, they have a recommended list of scales that you can carry with you. Those are somewhat expensive, but our goal is to provide you with something similar at a reasonable price.

Here is a list of criteria that I personally follow whenever I buy a fish scale.


This is the most important criterion for them all. If it isn’t accurate, it isn’t worth buying. The whole point of buying a scale is to get accurate readings, and for that, you need to buy one that has good reliability and can give accurate measurements consistently.

Weight Range

Inside every digital scale, there is a device called a load cell, which measures and senses the weight of the fish hanging off the clip. And there is also a limit to this load cell. The maximum weighing capacity is clearly marked on the product label.

If you intend to weigh only small fish, don’t bother buying one that has more than you need. However, if you plan on fishing largemouth bass, do consider buying a better model.


All digital scales come with an LCD display. From them some are large; some are not. Some glow in the dark while others will give you a hard time reading even in broad daylight. It’s a criterion that you must consider before buying a digital weight scale.

Build Quality

Cheap plastic-made scales won’t last long. I’m sure you already know that by now. But since most of them are plastic made, look for ABS plastic material. They usually last longer than cheaply made products.

Since they are made for weighing fish, they need to be sturdy. Now, durability depends on a lot of things. First, you need to make sure the scale you are buying is waterproof. Then, there is battery concern, hanging attachments, grips, design, etc.

The list of products you see in this guide is evaluated by these criteria to make sure you get the best value for your money. I’m not done yet. There are other factors to consider too.

Ease of Use

The most obvious factor to consider. You want something that is easy to use, compact in size, and easy to carry. Choose a compact model if you fish with light gears.

You need to pick a model that allows for one-handed operation. These are the ones that will be easier to carry and store.


  • Can you weigh a fish without a scale?

It’s certainly possible, but you will need a measuring tape. First, you need to bring the tape around the widest part of the fish, then take the tip of the tape to the top of the nose.

The formula is (girth x girth) x length/800. If the girth is 8, and length is 15, then it will (8 * 8) * 15 / 800 = 1.2.

  • What is a fish gripper?

It’s a fish landing tool that has a unique jaw design. It holds the fish by the lip without harming them.

  • How do you use a fish gripper?

The mechanism is simple. It’s a claw-shaped tool that you use to pick the lip of a fish and hang them by their lower jaw.

  • Is it safe to use a lip gripper?

Unless it’s a very large fish, fish grippers are safe to use. If it’s a large one, it could cause internal damage. Since the fish is hung by the lower jaw, there is a chance that it could damage the nerve, skin tissue, and muscle.

Final Thoughts

Buying a weight scale doesn’t have to be overly expensive. You just need to know what you need, what will be enough for you, and how much you should pay for a device like these.

Again, if you are in doubt, try out our top pick. Needless to say, it’s the best fishing scale out there when it comes to value and reliability. If you don’t like that particular model, try the next one.

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