Best Fishing Rods Reviews & Buying Guide in 2022

Choosing a fine pole is a tough task as there are lots of options available, that’s why we have carefully made a list of the 10 best fishing rods in the market. After careful observations, we have picked only 10 of them. Here is a quick chart of our top 10 best fishing poles.

It does not matter much that whether you are a professional angler or just hit the water on special occasions, having the right kind of fishing pole helps indeed. Even if you spend entirely in open water or sit back on the dock just relaxing, a real pole will always increase your chances to come back with a big catch.

Best Fishing Rods Comparison Chart – Top 5 List

Product NameRatingCheck Price
Shimano Solora4.5 check price on Amazon
PLUSINNO Telescopic4.2 check price on Amazon
Entsport Camo Legend4.2 check price on Amazon
Eagle Claw PK56TS4 check price on Amazon
Sougayilang Graphite3.8 check price on Amazon

Finally, we ended with a summary of 10 fishing rods available in the market that made their ways to the selection for our best fishing rods review for this year.

We’ve tried to find out the cons from anglers respective ends as per our reach.

We would love to hear from you in the comments section if you have experienced one of these rods for quite a good time.

However, since we’re already late, let’s get straight into the rods.

Are Surf Rods Suitable for Regular Fishing as Well?

Surf rods are indeed suitable for regular fishing too. They offer versatile performance, making them ideal for various fishing styles, including plugging. The best surf rod for plugging will have the necessary strength, length, and action to effectively cast and retrieve lures in both surf and regular fishing environments.

10 Top-Rated Fishing Rods Review

1. Shimano Solora 2 Piece Spinning Rod

SHIMANO Solora 2 Piece Spinning Rod

Going down the list, we have Shimano Solora 2 Piece; a spinning rod that is good enough to land the same amount of fishes while being much lighter in your purse.

Shimano Solora 2 Piece is a perfect two-piece model for the anglers who are still mastering the angling skills.

Shimano Solora spinning rod offers a much wider range of rods all with different power and action ratings, all of which are designed for durability and high performance without any compromise.

This rod is constructed using high-quality fiberglass (aero glass) which makes it much durable as compared to others.

This bar offers performance and features which steels poles do not provide keeping aside the weight, rigidity, and level of action.

This pole also features the rear grip handle and foregrip which are made from cork instead of much-used EVA foam. Because of cork, the handle feels the much lighter weight and an increased sensitivity as foam tend to dampen it.

Besides the aluminum oxide guides, the rod comes equipped with a locking graphite reel seat that is solid in construction and ensures better locking capability thus securing the line in its place.


  • Available in all range of power and length
  • Fast action spinning rods with durable fiberglass blank construction
  • Solid locking graphite reel seat to ensure secure line
  • Features reinforced aluminum oxide guides
  • Cork instead of EVA foam in fore grip and rear grip handle
  • 1 Year limited warranty


  • Does not have hook keeper to keep your hooks secure
  • Good for anglers who are new to fishing sport


This is one of the few rods that can deliver high performance in the least budget. If you are looking for a fishing pole which can last for a long time and can function in different kinds of weather, then this is the pick for you.

This is sensitive and is cheap when compared to most of the rods around, and besides, it offers a lot of option to choose from. If you are new to the fishing sport and do not want to invest much, then this is the ideal choice for you.

2. PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod Retractable Fishing Pole

PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod

Well if like our previous model but are still looking for an alternative option then today is your day, as we have got another Telescopic Fishing Rod for you.

Talking about its portability, it measured a mere 40cm when closed and 5.9ft in length when opened, so can imagine how much convenient it will be for you.

It is made by using Carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass; together they provide the necessary lightweight and strength which are required to fight a fish.

The rod houses guide made from aluminum oxide which is corrosion resistant and helps in smooth line performance.

The foregrip is made from EVA foam instead of cork.


  • Made from carbon fiber
  • Offers medium power,
  • Highly portable, can be carried anywhere
  • Low price as compared to others


  • Small casting distance
  • It’s good for catching small fishes but not ideal for big one


This rod offers flexibility, durability along with the high portability. It makes one of the best saltwater fishing rods as it is durable, corrosion resistant and can be taken anywhere.

So, if you just prefer to move from place to place, it is made for you.

3. Entsport Camo Legend 2-Piece 7-Feet Casting Rod

Entsport E Series - Camo Legend 2-Piece 7-Feet Casting Rod

If you want to get the best 2-piece baitcasting rod that too under the 100$ bill, then the Entsport 2-piece is the pick for you.

Coming to the design aspect of the rod, it is sleek & elegant and well-engineered to take care of all the challenge while fishing.

This medium -heavy casting rod is ideal for heavyweight fishing.

It is made from high-tensile strength carbon fiber (denser carbon fiber) which is obtained after the unique industrial process.

This provides it with the capability to offer plenty of support and strength while being sensitive enough to detect even the slightest of vibrations.

It features the specifically designed reel seat which ensures that the reel remains in place. The rod is equipped with 6+1 guides which are made from stainless steel.

Almost all the parts are aluminum finished so that they do not corrode and increase the durability. It features EVA split handles which are designed to give better grip and fit perfectly in your hand.


  • Offers great versatility because of 2-piece design
  • It’s lightweight still offers high strength
  • Excellent construction and better sensitivity
  • Reel seat with corrosion resistant aluminum hood
  • Durable and comes well in budget


  • Does not have hook keeper to keep your hooks secure
  • It’s quite difficult to assemble all the pieces and takes time


If portability is not a major concern for you and planning to reel out some of the big fishes, then this rod is tailored for you.

It has got all features of a top-class rod and certainly makes the best choice in its class. Considering its low price, it is worth trying.

4. Eagle Claw Pack-It Spin Combo Telescopic Rod

Eagle Claw PK56TS Pack-It Spin Combo Telescopic Rod

We are in the middle of this list and there are still more decent rods to come.

The Eagle Claw Pack is also from the telescopic family and has been designed for maximum portability and performance.

This rod is made from fiberglass material. As a result, it is lightweight and incorporates sensitivity. It can cast at a decent distance and is also too sensitive to let the small fishes go away.

Other features of the rod include ceramic guides which ensure natural movement of line and avoids damage to the line.

It can extend up to 5ft 6in in length when all the five sections are opened.

The rod feature EVA foam on the handle to provide better grip at the same time it’s much easier to clean as well.


  • Quality material used in construction
  • Offers medium power,
  • Highly portable, can be carried anywhere
  • Cheap price as compared to others


  • Small casting distance


This rod is the one for sudden fishing trips as it is designed to work in all kind of weathers and has been engineered for portability.

It is durable, corrosion resistant and can be taken into any environment and will give maximum performance. If you like traveling and plan to fish, this might be your ideal companion too.

5. Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod

Sougayilang Graphite Carbon Fiber Portable Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod

Right off the bat, we bring you the Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod.

This rod is designed to be carried along as it completely collapses for ease of storage and transportation.

The rod is made of fiberglass and carbon fiber; together they give it strength and durability while keeping it much lighter.

It houses a CNC machined aluminum reel seat along with 3-point welded guides which are made from stainless steel and ceramic making it completely corrosion resistant.

It also offers decent sensitivity to catch even the small fishes. Besides this rod’s handle features ergonomic and ceramic guide rings to provide a better grip.


  • Made from aluminum and carbon fiber
  • Offers medium power, suitable for both saltwater and freshwater
  • Quality material used in manufacturing
  • Highly portable rod and comes with nylon carrying bag
  • Aggressively low priced


  • Unable to cast at longer distance
  • It’s good for catching small fishes but not ideal for the big ones


This rod offers beautiful design, sturdy built quality along with high portability. It makes an excellent choice for campers and backpackers as it takes pretty less space. It will help you to get some fishes for sure.

6. Penn Prevail Surf Spinning Rod

Penn PRESF1530S10 Prevail Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

Okay, you have seen our top two picks, but that didn’t seem appealing to you, don’t bother we have got a true masterpiece waiting for you.

The Penn Prevail is one of its kind Spinning rod that delivers all the features and quality of the best spinning rod and nearly at the half price.

For the eager surf casters, it’s surely going to prove a great investment as it offers high performance combined with strength.

The Penn Prevails made from composite material and incorporates graphite which gives it lightweight & sensitivity and the fiberglass which gives it strength & durability, this is known as the 2-piece construction.

It also features carbon shield, which is a layer of the carbon fiber woven on top of rod blank and guide wrap for extra protection.

This rod uses a graphite reel seat to attach your reel to the rod. Besides the above feature, it also features stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts which provide smooth gliding action for lines.

If all of these features were not enough, the rod has rubber shrink tube handles that provides excellent grip no matter what the operating condition is.

It comes in four different variants depending on the size of the rod you select.


  • Real value for money
  • 2-piece graphite composite blank
  • Carbon shield for much higher strength and durability
  • Graphite reel seat
  • Stainless steel guides and Aluminium oxide inserts for smoother gliding action
  • Excellent grip, thanks to rubber shrinks tube handles


  • With all the features at this price, I cannot find any shortcomings 


If you are not impressed by our first two picks, then this is the model for you. This rod is engineered with precision and features the best inline technology available that most of the other rods can dream about.

It is light, sturdy, durable, and affordable. And besides, it offers a lot of option to choose from. You cannot find a reason to overlook this rod if you haven’t made the purchase.

In my view, this the best pole if you are on a tight budget.

7. Shimano Stimula 2-Piece Spin Rod

SHIMANO Stimula 2-Piece Spin Rod

At number seven spot, we have Stimula 2-Piece, which comes from the one of most famous bicycle company renounced for its precision and quality parts.

The company has maintained that tradition and have delivered an excellent fishing rod. No wonder why it’s made to the 10 best fishing rods review.

The rod is available in two lengths from 5ft 6in to 7ft. This rod features modern design and is constructed using low profile aluminum that gives the rod brand new look even after years of use.

These poles come with multiple power rating which means that you have a choice for every occasion.

If you are going for freshwater fishing, the ultralight 5’-6” rod can be used which is fast and sensitive to let go even the small fishes.

And for other scenarios, you can use the 7ft rod.

If you go fishing far away from home and are low in space, the two-piece pole conveniently breaks into pieces and can be easily kept on the back seat.

This rod also has the cut-proof aluminum oxide guides and even features an EVA butt cap which is used to gain support against the user’s body.

The rod has a hook keeper that keeps your hooks secured and keeps it from falling while you change positions.


  • Features aluminum oxide guides
  • Quality material and precise construction
  • Features a multipurpose hook keeper for easier use
  • Custom shaped cork handle for better grip
  • EVA butt cap
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • Mostly suited for light fishing and ideal for beginners


If you are looking for a spinning rod that can be used by both beginners as well as skilled and seasoned anglers this must be your first choice.

The rod is constructed using top-notch materials and is highly durable. It is also one of the safest poles out there in this price range thus definitely earning the right to be top choices for many.

The main reason for which this rod will be my choice is that it offers performance in the budget.

8. Daiwa Triforce Spinning Rod (2-Piece)

Daiwa Triforce Spinning Rod

When you need a rod that is efficient as well as much convenient considering its size, the Daiwa Triforce Spinning rod becomes an ideal choice.

It has the perfect blend ideal weight, sleek design, and durability. This might be the answer to all the challenges which you face while angling because of the rod.

The Daiwa features graphite construction which makes it ultra light and at the same time offers high durability, thus guaranteeing years of lifetime.

The rod comes fully loaded with features and is crafted with quality components like stainless steel hooded reel seat and the cut-proof aluminum oxide guides.

All of these provide a nice casting and reeling experience and is also capable of taking a real beating. This rod provides you the comfort of natural split foam and cork grip for the ever-wet conditions.

If you are looking for an option in size, then it offers you two different choices in the medium range.


  • IM6 graphite construction makes it lightweight and durable
  • Designed using quality material
  • Has Blank-through-handle construction
  • Natural split foam and cork grip
  • Cut-proof aluminum oxide guides and stainless steel hooded reel seat


  • The dimension restricts you to catch bass or panfish but delivers excellently on that


The price is right, and it offers greater value for money when compared to any other rod out there so it can be your multi-purpose fishing pole.

It casts well and is lightweight and easy to handle. All of above give enough reasons to try it out. Personally, I feel it would make a fine choice.

9. Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

At number 7 we once again we found a rod form Ugly, which tells you about the quality of the product which the company delivers.

This rod is so durable that is considered as the only option when you want a fishing pole that can last for years while taking all the beating on duty.

The Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod is similar to GX2 in more than one way.

It features the same Ugly Tech construction with an increased 35% in graphite content which gives it a lighter feel and greater sensitivity with the similar durability.

Besides it features Ugly Tuff 1-piece design, the guide is made from stainless steel thus enabling smooth movement of the line.

Also, it has the cushioned stainless-steel hoods to hold reel firmly in its place. It takes care of the ergonomics by using a cork handle instead of EVA, thus performs the best grip under wet conditions.


  • Lightweight and provides greater convenience
  • Highly strong and durable
  • Beautiful construction and better sensitivity
  • Quality material used in manufacturing
  • Fits well in budget


  • Unable to cast at longer distance
  • It’s quite stiffer than GX2, thus difficult to manipulate


This rod gives you most important features of the best spinning rod like strength, sensitivity, and durability at a much lower price.

This rod is strong enough to haul a big fish and at the same time sensitive enough to let a small one go away. It is the best fishing rod for freshwater, and you should give it a try.

10. Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod

Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod

If you have been actively participating in the fishing sport, then this name does not require any introduction. Introduced in 1976, even after 40 years it has been the prime choice of anglers looking for trout and similar fishes.

The company is known for toughness & durability; the Stik GX2 has all of these infused with the latest technology to deliver even better performance. The rod looks incredibly nice with the matte black finish

Coming to the construction of the rod, it boasts Ugly Tech construction with a new blank through reel seat design.

The GX2 is made by combining graphite and fiberglass which makes it extremely sensitive and at the same time providing excellent balance than other rods.

The rod features enhanced “Ugly Tuff” guides made from stamped stainless steel, it gives maximum durability with no insert pop-outs.

All of these make the GX2 much lighter, sensitive, balanced and more durable than its all previous versions. Also, in the similar budget, it offers much more options to choose from.


  • Improved balance and durability
  • Ugly Tech™ construction that combines both graphite and fiberglass for superior quality
  • Newly designed “Ugly Tuff” guides for superior durability
  • Ugly Stik “Clear Tip” for sensing the lightest strike without any compromise strength
  • Cork instead of EVA foam in fore grip and rear grip handle
  • Suitable for casting long distances
  • 7 Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • Does not have hook keeper to keep your hooks secure
  • Little too sensitive on the tip


If you want a lightweight rod in the budget that is strong enough to catch largemouth bass, trout and catfishes then you are looking at the best fishing rod for bass.

This powerful and sensitive rod comes in three different choices, you can select anyone depending on your requirement.

When compared with other rods it is much more budget friendly and gives better performance. It is easily one of the best fishing rod setup available today.

What Fishing Rod is Best to Use with PowerBait for Trout Fishing?

When it comes to trout fishing with powerbait, selecting the right fishing rod is crucial. A medium-weight spinning rod, around 6 to 7 feet long, offers the ideal balance of flexibility and strength. Its sensitivity allows you to detect subtle bites, while its backbone enables better control during hooksets. Remember, the proper fishing rod enhances your chances of a successful trout fishing with PowerBait experience.


We saw some best fishing rod and what each of them offers. After reading the fishing rod reviews it’s totally up to you to identify your fishing needs and then accordingly select a rod that serves your needs the best.

Have a look at our pick for the Best Saltwater Spinning Reels available on the market.

One thing that I will assure that, you will find a fishing rod on our list best suitable for you. When it comes to a personal choice, I use Shimano Stimula 2-Piece Spin Rod as it is the one that suits my fishing type.

If you are looking for the best fishing rods that can last for some time, my advice is not to hesitate to spend some extra bucks.

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