6 Best Fishing Creel Reviews in 2022 | With Buying Guide

Every fisher deserves a trusty fishing creel at their side at all times at the lake or pond. However, not every fishing creel is as workable as it might seem.

In the following article, we’ve compiled a list of the 6 best fishing creel reviews to help you out of the dilemma of picking one yourself. Thanks to our research team for sifting through many consumer reviews, all the listed products are favorites among anglers worldwide.

No matter how your fishing habits differ, or if you’re inclined to traditional or modern methods, you’ll find a fishing creel suited according to your needs.

What Is a Fishing Creel Used For?

A fishing creel is essentially a basket. It is used to store fish or crustaceans such as lobsters or crabs after catching them. These baskets help to properly keep these aquatic animals so that they stay fresh, and can later be used for other purposes, often cooking.

Fishing creels also enable anglers to store multiple caught animals in one compartment and take away the hassle of holding down fish from flopping about after being taken out of the water.

Traditional fishing creels are made of somerset willow. Now, you’ll find most fishing creels to be made of wicker, bamboo, and different variations of rayon. All of these materials help in keeping fish fresh, which other storing methods struggle to do.

Fish are better kept fresh in fishing creels, whether it be mesh nets, ice buckets, or coolers. That is because coolers and ice buckets can easily get built up with bacteria, which will cause your freshly caught fish to decay.

And mesh nets are hard to carry and keep together, and the chance of breaking is also very possible.

What makes a fishing creel different from all these other storing methods is its workability, ample and convenient storage compartment, and ability to provide fresh conditions for fish.

6 Best Fishing Creel Reviews

A fishing creel is essential for every angler, which is why these 6 options are best suited for all budgets, fishing habits, and tastes. Here are our recommendations and reviews for the 6 best fishing creels –

1. Stone Creek Willow Creel with Web Strap

Willow Creel with Web Strap

We start our list with the Stone Creek Willow Creel. This fishing creel is a favorite among all anglers who have experienced it for themselves.

Just like traditional fishing baskets, this one is also made of willow. Willow is a material that is well approved by people who enjoy fishing the conventional way.

That is because willow is great for weaved baskets and because it absorbs moisture and keeps everything dry.

Other fishing creels made of different fabrics or materials can carry fish but won’t keep them fresh and dry like willow will.

You might be asking yourself, why would you need to keep fish dry when they live in water? And while wet conditions are preferred by fish, while in a basket, moisture will contaminate the interior and give rise to bacterial growth.

Thankfully, willow absorbs all this moisture like a sponge, so you won’t have to worry about your catch going bad.

And to add to the purist design, this fishing basket also has an opening at its flap. That makes it easier to slide in freshly caught fish without opening the entire top.

  • Willow absorbs all moisture, keeps everything dry and fresh
  • It prevents fish from going bad and does not let bacteria spread
  • The slot at the top allows users to insert fish without opening the top
  • Multi-purpose; can also be used for decoration purposes, such as flower arrangements
  • The strap is short for taller or bigger anglers

2. Stone Creek Classic Split Willow Creel w/Leather Closure

 Classic Split Willow Creel

Next up on our list is another option from Stone Creek. Like the previous basket, this one is also aimed at anglers who prefer classic designed fishing creels made of willow.

Unlike other fishing creels, you’ll notice this one does not come with a strap. And while some fishermen may argue that it would be too difficult to carry around, it’s not that hard at all.

In fact, it’s more convenient to place the basket down or store it in the back of your car since there are no long straps in the way.

Moreover, the fishing creel comes with a secure leather closure so that the top doesn’t fly open when put down in the back seat or trunk of your car. This closure is held tight with a buckle and notches weaved within the basket not to break off.

Inside the basket, there’s plenty of space to not only store fish but other supplies as well. That cuts down the need for added storage from other carry-ons, like backpacks or satchels.

  • Ample space to keep multiple fish, as well as other supplies
  • Secure closure made of strong leather, woven into the basket
  • Easy to store, put down, and carry, especially during drives
  • Willow prevents fish from going bad and causing contamination
  • The slot at the top is big enough for freshly caught fish to slip into
  • Strapless but can be attached to a harness

3. MagiDeal Vintage Fish Basket Wicker

Vintage Fish Basket Wicker

If willow is not your criteria for the best fishing creel, this MagiDeal wicker basket will suit your tastes.

Wicker is excellent for fishing baskets, especially if you’re catching lobsters, crabs, or other crustaceans. That is mainly because of the wicker’s strong holding properties, making it the perfect material for sturdy and hard-to-break fishing creels.

Not only that, but wicker also keeps the conditions inside of a basket free of bacteria. As we’ve discussed, this is a factor that is very important when searching for the right fishing basket. Wicker is known to absorb liquids, so you don’t have to worry about the dirty lake or pond water ruining your catches.

Because this basket is essentially waterproof, you can dunk it into the lake or pond and wait for fish to swim into it. Don’t worry about the straps, buckles, or clasps; they’re strong enough to withstand the tides.

  • Made of wicker, it prevents contamination from a dirty lake or pond water
  • Great for catching crabs, lobsters, and other crustaceans
  • Woven with strong material, it’s sturdy and does not break easily
  • It can be used to fish just by dunking it into the water
  • Does not have a slot at the top

4. River’s Edge Products Antique Fisherman’s Creel

 River's Edge Products Antique Fisherman's Creel

If you’re unsure which fishing creel to get or have never used one before, the River’s Edge fishing basket is the safest bet.

Most creels are loosely woven to allow more water to pass, but in turn, it makes the basket very flimsy and prone to breakage. So, this fishing creel is tightly woven with solid and durable material to prevent accidental breaks.

It is excellent if you want to carry many things or want more space for multiple fish.

While speaking of more space, it is worth mentioning that this fishing creel is widely praised for its vast inner compartment. It allows for multiple fish along with extra supplies to be stored together with ease.

The basket is designed to be of optimum workability to you; this means adjustable straps, an easy-to-use slot, and a convenient handle for added grip. This way, you can use the fishing creel to your comfort for a tranquil fishing trip.

  • Adjustable strap, large slot, and extra handle for optimum usability
  • A vast inside compartment can hold multiple fish and supplies together
  • Tightly woven with strong material, it prevents breaks and doesn’t fall apart
  • It can be used for decoration purposes, such as flower arrangements
  • The strap may break off

5. Wald Imports Willow Basket

Wald Imports Willow Basket

Of all the fishing creels we have mentioned in our list, the Wald Imports Willow Basket is by far the most stunning of them all.

Its circular shape definitely stands out from all the other fishing baskets that we’re used to seeing. But this shape is actually very convenient for storing many things, including fish and/or supplies. Since there are no corners, you don’t have to worry about filth or moisture build-up.

The entire basket is handwoven, which adds to its near-flawless appearance and means that there is a lot of thought put into the design of the creel.

For instance, since it’s handwoven, there are tiny gaps to allow water to drain out. However, this does not mean the basket is weak, as the material is very sturdy.

Plus, this fishing creel also comes with adjustable straps, a pull-through closure, a slot that can be used to drop fish in as well as for ventilation. These add to the overall usability of the creel.

  • The circular shape prevent moisture and dirt build-up due to the absence of corners
  • Thin gaps and slot at the top to ensure proper ventilation and no contamination
  • Sturdy material prevents any accidental breakages and holds multiple items
  • Adjustable straps pull through closure, easy to reach slot for optimum usability
  • Wooden material can get soggy and emit a slight smell

6. Eagle Claw ACRLJ Jumbo 20×11 Canvas Fishing Creel

Eagle Claw ACRLJ Jumbo 20x11 Canvas Creel

We’ve saved the best for last. This fishing creel is unlike any other basket we’ve shown you. Instead of wood, wicker, or willow, this one’s made of canvas fabric, making it an entirely contemporary fishing creel.

Canvas fabric is known for its durability, sturdiness, and compliance with heavy-duty activity. That makes it an excellent material for fishing creels.

Even though most fishing creels have a woven basket-like design with wood, wicker, or willow materials, canvas does just as much as you would expect from any other basket.

Another reason why this creel is made of excellent fabric is because of its waterproof qualities. Since canvas fabric is used for multiple outdoor supplies such as tents, jackets, or backpacks, it holds a reputation for withstanding outdoor conditions.

That makes it great for storing fish; a lake or pond water is easily moved out of the creel to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Moreover, the creel is equipped with mesh nets on either side to ensure no moisture is left inside of it. It even comes with additional pockets and/or compartments to store more items within easy reach.

  • Waterproof material ensures no moisture remains in the creel
  • Additional pockets and compartments to store more items within reach
  • Large central compartment makes it easy to store multiple fish and/or supplies
  • Durable material to withstand outdoor conditions, great for heavy-duty use
  • Buttons come undone easily

What You Should Check Before Buying

Now that we’ve gone through some of the best fishing creels, it’s almost time to make the final choice.

But, before you take your pick, you must know what exactly you’re looking for to ensure you receive an entirely satisfactory product. That is why you’ll need to remember these points –


While on fishing trips, you need to make sure your creel can withstand the conditions of the outdoors. It all relies on one factor, which is durability.

If your creel is sturdy, does not break easily, can take up a lot of items, and has strong clasps and/or closures, then you have a good fishing basket in your hands.

Most of the time, traditional fishing baskets are more prone to breakage compared to contemporary ones. This is primarily due to the material, which is either wicker wood or willow. If you want a creel with maximum durability, opt for fabric ones, such as canvas.

Moisture Resistance

The presence of moisture can cause many problems, the biggest one being the spread of bacteria. That is because water from lakes and ponds remains in the basket after putting fish in, allowing germs to grow. To prevent this, opt for baskets with thin gaps between their pattern and a slot at the top for ventilation.


If you find a creel with weak straps, no slot, stubborn closures, and a small compartment, it’s without a doubt a bad fishing creel. Instead, opt for one that suits your fishing habits and is most comfortable according to how you want it to be. Fishing is a time-consuming task; you must spend your hours with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

1/ What Is a Fishing Creel Used For?

Ans. A fishing creel is used for storing fish after catching them near a lake, pond, or other water body during fishing trips. It can also be dunked into the water to catch fish. However, people also use them for storing supplies for camping or picnicking.

2/ Is a Basket Used For Catching Fish?

Ans. A fishing basket is usually used to store freshly caught fish. However, you can also dunk the entire basket underwater to catch fish, even though it has little success in doing so.

3/ Is Creel Fishing Sustainable?

Ans. Although it’s one of the accessories of conventional fishing, creel fishing is pretty sustainable.

4/ What Is a Canvas Creel For Fishing?

Ans. Canvas is a type of fabric that is very durable and resistant to moisture, making it great for fishing creels.

5/ How Do You Store Fish In a Creel?

Ans. A fishing creel already provides ventilation with a slot to keep the interior dry and free of contamination.

They should be lined with ferns or willow to keep fish apart so that air freely passes through. As an alternative, you can place sheets of damp, pressed dry burlap in between the fish.


If you made it here, you are now well informed on creels and can finalize your pick. We hope we’ve equipped you with all the info you’ll need to find the best fishing creel for you.

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