Tips for Bass Fishing in Summertime

Minimal light seepage and quiet lakes are apt to assist you bass fishing during summer. Plan for early morning or evening fishing. It can be of success with proper baits and some techniques. Not an early morning person? Not to worry, you can still catch some bass if you know what you need to do.

You are in the right place to know bass fishing tips during summer no matter what part of the day you choose to fish. Read on and enlighten yourself.

14 Tips On Bass Fishing in Summertime

  1. Timing

Sunray can be troublesome in summer fishing so beating it would be a better way. Thereby, midday fishing would not be easy, better to go early in the morning. This timing works like a bonus to locate fish before the summer heat intensity rises up. Not an early riser? The evening is there for you then. Forget about the darkness, indulge in night fishing, and find big bass.

  1. Look for the Shade

Like a human, the bass shelter themselves in the shade to avoid excessive heat. Thereby, Shadowy areas are the catch for bass fishing during summer. Remember you won’t get to see any shade in the water if it’s muddy. And noontime doesn’t cast shade as well. Weed beds are well-known places for bass, so work within the outskirt of it. To stay with the shade, do not forget to move with the sun throughout the day.

  1. Tip for Clear Water

Use the correct lure to get your goal. Avoid hurdling plastic worm and rattling lure. These lures often frighten away fishes, and this will be enough to miss your possible catches easily.

  1. Tip for Muddy Water

Fishing in muddy water is different than fishing in clear water. Crankbaits are good for muddy waters; you can use them in quick jumping intervals by the wet side of the surface structure. In the less transparent waters, bass like to strike baits such as plastic worms while they drift downwards. Pull the worms in tiny jumps when the baits reach the bottom of the lake. This trick should allow you to gather plenty of hunts. 

  1. Know Your Bait

Paying attention to your bait and line is the best tip you can have for bass fishing. Knowing the fishing line and motion of lures is really important. Once you are associated with the baits’ weight on the fishing rod, you will understand the normal motion to strike in, and that is the time to set the hook too.

Same goes with fishing line. Set the hook when there is any change in the fishing line, mostly when the line is drowning.

  1. Start Shallow in the Morning, Go Deeper With the Heat

Due to summer heat bass comes closer to the cooler water. But this doesn’t mean they remain in the same place for the entire day. Early morning and evening are the preferable time for them to feed at the surface when low light and low heat coexist together.

So, begin with surface water fishing in the morning. As the day proceeds, the rise of temperature will be palpable, go for deeper fishing in those hours. 

  1. Go Deeper If You Want to Catch Larger Bass

According to expert fishermen, younger and smaller bass are likely to be found near the surface area. Because they can adapt to hot weather and require less oxygen, they can navigate around the surface areas.

Since more aggressive and hungry basses are spotted near the surface area, go deeper with your bait where the larger bass maybe swimming. The more the depth, the more oxygen is available for the bass there. So, if you are catching smaller fishes, go deep with the luring baits.

  1. Look for Brush

Basses don’t like commotion and noise. They also do not like sunlight penetrating through waters. They avoid loud cracking and choose to hide in quiet places. Brushes are perfect places where sunlight and commotion are minimal during the daytime. You can use your electronic devices to locate brushes and hunt fishing brush pile areas to get the bass boons.

  1. Finesse Matters

Like people in the hottest summer days bass also remain inactive for a certain period of time as in the midday. Avoid using gaudy and big fishing presentation. While bending down in the water to avoid the heat, you can tempt them up by using fine fishing presentations. Smaller lures will help you here. Choose jig or shaky head type lure to noses them up. 

  1. Fish Intensely

Midday bass remaining inactive are often reluctant to hunt down your lures. Hence, you need to fish wholly to cover the area with several strikes and do try from various angles. Sheer concentration is much needed to hit each cast. If you get a fish from any spot, try to continue there. Because one fish can call upon a school fish and persuade others to feed even in their inactivity. 

  1. Use the Basics of Baiting

Master the lures. Basses are used to seeing different lures, and they prefer big baits. Is your hunt not taking the baits? You may want to use either a classic Senko or a trick worm. You should use Texas rigged with bullet weight these kinds of baits.

Determine the weights on the basis of how deep the water is. Shoot the baits far, allow enough time to sink and wait for the bass to take it. When the bass takes it, fish it back slowly.

  1. Make Use of The Predatory Instincts of Bass

The crankbait comes handy when using a tactic called a reaction strike. It’s not about letting the bass eat the luring bait but enticing them to take a bite at it. To do this, Crankbaits allow you to cover quite some area and depth, allows speedy fishing back.

This grabs the attention of anything in the area and draws them nearby. By making using of their reaction to noises in the calm water, you can trigger the predatory instinct in Bass. Even if they are not hungry, they might take a bite if you’re lucky enough.

  1. Invest in Proper Anti-Ultra-Violet Ray Gears

Fishing gears come in very handy when going for bass in summer. Investing in the right kind of equipment helps in the long run. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time under the sun, you should invest in proper anti-heat gear.

A good UV dry-wicking shirt with good materials comes in very handy when fishing in the heat. Plus, if you prefer looking very fancy while fishing, you can also choose to buy a fishing buff for you. The buff wraps your neck, saving you from the direct heat but you can also pull it over your ears and face if you need to. It gives you a tactical look kind of look if you are into them. 

  1. Bring Liquid Supply to Stay Out of Dehydration

Summertime heat can be very exhausting. You’ll be sweating a lot and waiting for the hunt can take up a lot of time. Make sure you pack a lot of water when you go fishing. Some prefer taking Gatorade with them. If you can afford a cooler, be sure to bring it with you. Accessories like these come to a lot of handy when fishing for bass during the summer.

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That’s all from us. Count on shadow, proper lures, and cooler water. Indulge in different approaches to enjoy your summer bass fishing.

Hope our effort of sharing bass fishing tips will make your next fishing trip a bit more successful, and you can catch more fish. What are you waiting for then?

Go and get started. If you need any further help, let us know in the comments section.

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